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500K in Nike Fuel on my Nike+ Fuelband. Watchout now!

This one goes out to all my dedicated health enthusiast. To all my night runners who go unnoticed and to all my day runners who set up goals to beat for the rest of us. To all my gym goers who I could have easily called “gym rats” but that phrase is just stupid. To all my athletes, martial arts experts, boxing bullies, yoga masters, dancing queens, berry shake drinking marathon running awesomers. Yeah, I said that. I said that because I can. Can you? Pat yourself on the back if you simply “DO” and don’t abuse good health, eating well, and exercising just because you’re going thru a “self-awareness crisis”. Nike’s most known slogan should have been extended to “Shut up, and just do it”. I say this because good-solid daily routines go unnoticed. Fine, we like it better that way. We’re out to impress ourselves, not you buddy. No, most definitely not you. Lighten up a bit, you’re cramping my style just sitting their looking all “ehhh” and stuff.

I hit 500k in Nike Fuel today. Might I add that it’s 3:42 in the morning right now? Sorry to inconvenience you with such a late blog entry but my people, the ones who can relate to me…they’re up right now too. Dap on that chest bump. It took me 148 active days to hit 500K and in between that time I hit my set goals 115 times you onlooker you. I burned over 157k calories, took over 1.6 million steps, and traveled over 800 miles…wow…that’s like to Cali and back with some mileage to spare.

Using my Nike+ Fuelband has been enjoyable. I can only speak for myself as I’ve come across a few people who purchased the fuelband but still don’t get the purpose of it. They haven’t accepted it as simply a part of their every day routine. It’s foreign to them still and they don’t look at it…they stare at it puzzled and shake their wrist frantically like babies who grow frustrated when something isn’t going their way. You dumb babies you.

I used to use a couple of different apps on my phone to track my running but since my Android finally received the Nike+ running app I’ve been able to track daily activity and running thru Nike+. Oh joy, but not so joyful since I’d prefer to have the much more dominant iPhone instead. We shall see about the iPhone 5 when it comes out.

Was this blog entry necessary? Absolutely. Not all blog entries are meant to be unoriginal stories from linked entries from other blogs/websites you know.

On that note I leave you with an image of my latest milestone reached thru Nike+. With more milestones to reach, I’m sure this won’t be the last (blog post, not milestone)..or maybe it will (on Nike+, people). I tend to move on to the next one more so than visiting familiar territory. Y’all rock so give yourselves some high-fives for me, then high-five your neighbor, they miss you. Oh! If you’ve read this far down, share your Nike Fuel number, what you did to reach it, and share this post.

Nike+ Fuelband 500K Milestone




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