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Google Maps 8-bit for NES. Awesomely retro’d out.

Talk about quirky being the new cool. Google has taken to the traditional April Fool’s joke a day early through their Google Maps. Posted here you’ll see the youtube video Google Maps has shared with us with full on introduction plus hardware!

The NES (Famicom) gets the complete treatment with “blow out the bugs” to get the cartridge to work thrown in as a bonus. If this was an actual product being released in the near future through the “Google Store” I’d purchase it.

For all you die-hard RPG fans out there, Google even goes as far as making Google Maps 8-bit resemble the game “Dragon Quest II” by Enix (Square Enix). Enjoy the playfully serious video and share your memorable moments of a time when you had to blow into the cartridge to get your game to start. Enjoy.

Google Maps 8-bit - April Fool's Day



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