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Hello to an Old Friend, Backyard & Jogging.

I said I would write my next entry once I had jogged around our new neighborhood. Yesterday was a windy day in Las Vegas, making a simple jog turn into an intense workout. I’d have to say that the jog is typically 4-5 miles, as it took me almost an hour to complete. There are pretty steep uphills to jog through on my way home and man o’ man with the wind it felt like I was pulling weights AND a parachute behind me!

Right now I’m outside in the backyard sitting with the dogs. I’m trying to get them comfortable with it. At first they weren’t used to staying outside, tense and constant barking. I believe they felt being left outside was either punishment or were being forgotten about. It’s their first backyard so it’ll take a while, but they’re adjusting quickly. Nothing like hanging out with the warmth of the sun hitting you from above.

I had some errands to do yesterday so I had to drive into town (downtown) to take care of them. While there I figured I’d make a drive to find an old friend’s hair salon to get a cut. A few of my old buddies go/went to her and they gave good word on a job well done. I showed up and luckily for me her appointment had canceled. After a warm greeting I was getting my cut. We had a great chat and it was nice to see how well we have grown up over the years. It was even nicer to know I have a friend who turned out to be so positive. A lot of people stop…literally, they just stop. In my mind they just never started. Some people hold on to their desire, ambition, and courage. Finding ways to refresh what could turn stale. Making sure they never stop living.

Remember to never stop living.

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