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Apple’s iPhone 4G, Breakfast, Coffee, & Graduation Party.

I was at a friend’s graduation party this past Saturday and we had a great time. It was a great turn out, lots of friends and family and lots of Hawaiian food, wine, beer, and cake. Before the nights end everyone was dancing and at one point tagged along to the conga line. Music ranged from trance, pop, classic rock, ’70s, 80’s…you name it, they played it. Now our buddy is off to Paris for a week, we’ll probably be catching up with him afterward to hear how it all went.

I bring up the graduation party because that’s the first time I got word on the iPhone 4G leak. I thought it was crazy that someone got drunk off some good ol’ German beer and left the phone at the bar. NICE! LOL. The cool thing about it is that we finally got to check out its specs and see what we’re all going to be looking forward to. I never owned an iPhone, but with knowing people that have, this thing is a gem now. You can find a detailed article on it @ gizmodo.com.

I woke up today around 6:20 this morning and finally got out of bed around 7 A.M. I just purchased a new bed and it may be a bit too comfortable so I need to adjust. Beats sleeping on the floor I’ll tell you that much, haha. (Seriously, I was sleeping on the floor while I waiting to purchase a new bed).

Now it’s 9 in the morning. After morning sit-ups, push-ups, and a shower, I made myself some breakfast. I’m not the typical type to be up at sunrise starting off my day. Especially not early enough to prepare for my day like so. I was the type to give myself only enough time to jump out of bed, throw something on, and jet out the door. I’m aiming at making “morning preparation” a daily thing. Here’s to it *sips coffee*.

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