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Limited Edition has just gone LIVE!!!

As of June 12, 2012 my album “Mad World” has finally gone LIVE online for purchase, download, and streaming. I’d say for the next 24hrs we are going to exploit Mad World in a good way and get the attention of some long awaited followers. It’s been a long, long…let me emphasize on the word LONG when I say it…it’s been a journey, y’all.  Cut out the mush and save the long memorable story for another time as we fast forward to today ’cause here we are, baby!!! Instead of telling you all about the updates I’ll be posting up I’d rather just do them and bring everyone along for the ride. Why 24hrs? Because the world doesn’t run on the same schedule and people’s attention span is like 5 seconds max, lol. Lets get it!

Asael Mad World Front Cover


Welcome to a Mad World,


Download Mad World by Asael on iTunes and Google Play NOW!



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