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Mad World by Asael Covers and tracklisting

“This is a Mad World such a Mad World World. Welcome to a Mad World a bloody Mad World…” – Asael “Mad World” 2012

**In my best tourist guide impression** Below we have the front and back cover to “Mad World” plus the track listing all in glorious HD. The glorious HD bit is me being funny but for those musicphiles (not a real word but we all get it, audiophiles yes the music is in high-quality and for that you’re welcome) who enjoy having legit covers and a proper tracklist your pleads have been answered below:

Asael Mad World Front Cover



Mad World – Asael tracklist

1. Intro

2. Lady Killer

3. Do it Right Now feat. Johnny Rock It

4. Lala, Dollahs, Haha

5. My Nature feat. Johnny Rock It

6. Mad World

7. Wassup Wassup feat. Johnny Rock It

8. Red Tag On’em (Levi’s)

9. Relaxin’ On Me

10. Skit

11. Still She Comes (Down, Down, Down)

12. All I Say Is (Ride Like)

Asael Mad World back cover


Don’t be afraid to click on the images to bring them to full size before you copy and save. Also, for those who enjoy reading the credits and want to know who did what. My brother Johnny “Rock It” Gonzalez is the sole producer behind Mad World. I, Asael Gonzalez, Jr. am the man behind the cover art. My brother took the shots for the covers. All songs on Mad World were written and recorded by us and mixing and mastering credit goes to my brother himself, Johnny Rock It.

Welcome to a Mad World,


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