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Mad World by Asael LIVE on iTunes!!!

With the continuation of today’s 24hr period of nothing but Mad World news, lets shine light on the most recognized digital store known to anyone who has ever had access to the internet. Now let me one up it with sharing my excitement with my album Mad World going LIVE on iTunes!  Yes, the most recognized digital store known in the world is iTunes. The world runs on mobile now, we don’t even call it mobile much any more we just simply are it. Everyone I know has an iPhone or an Android and we live off them. Simple as that. What I’m excited about is that people are so comfortable in downloading music, games, apps, movies…you name it, right from their phones. So to have my album “Mad World” available to everyone on iTunes in this time of age is nothing but seamless. Enjoy the screen shot and enjoy the music!

Mad World by Asael is LIVE on iTunes!


Welcome to a Mad World,


Download Mad World by Asael on iTunes and Google Play NOW!



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