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Mininova, the World, and the Internet

Wow you guys, thanks to each and everyone of you who has come by my site through Mininova.org. I started uploading their again just last week. I was surprised yet thrilled that people still continue to support the great site even after its turn of events a few months ago. The World that we ALL live in is an amazing-occupied space, if you ask me. We come from different backgrounds, different countries, and many of us speak a different language. As “different” as people tend to say we all are…we all love dance, music, art, and movies. Entertainment is something we all share and have in common. A passion for what brings us joy is something we all have in common. Music is international, and you have JUST connected with the rest of the World. Congratulations. The internet is a Beautiful thing.

Your Hip-Hop artist,


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