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My “Bat County” T-shirt from Teefury.com

Teefury.com Bat County Joker Penguin T-shirt



“Tee today, gone Tomorrow” that’s the slogan a teefury.com the Limited Edition Cheap T-shirt website. These tees only go for $10 bucks y’all and for a shirt that’s available for only 24hrs it can definitely boost your cool level. My cool level is already at a level 9 so with each tee I add to my collection, I’ve morphed to beyond the mega cool status.

My latest T-shirt is simply titled “Bat County” and what better time for this shirt to be in my possession than the weekend release of the most anticipated movie of this Summer? “The Dark Knight Rises”! Which I’ll be seeing later tonight by the way. So while you’re in Theater 12 watching The Amazing Spider Man with your arms crossed wondering why the heck you even picked this weekend to watch it, we’ll be exploding off our chairs seeing Batman whoop on Bane. I’m sorry, looks like I’m getting a little too carried away with my links here. Still, links are good for references and social networking love, though that only works when you display links to other blogs. Damn you tumblr, you get no link from me.

So as you can see by the image of my awesome shirt, “Bat County” has The Joker and the Penguin (badass) and the idea of  drawing came from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (even more badass). If you haven’t seen the movie, it stars Johnny Depp who plays Raol Duke and Benicio del Toro who plays Dr. Gonzo in the movie. These characters are based on the real life journey of Hunter S. Thompson and his attorney Acosta. With me being from Las Vegas, I see this shirt looking beyond awesome on me.

Enjoy your Sunday and envy my tee. LOL


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