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My latest from TeeFury.com. “The Hangover”.

"The Hangover" Teefury.com


This is my latest addition to my teefury.com T-shirts. I came across teefury.com when I was browsing kotaku.com and they posted a Mega Man t-shirt and I was like…”Limited Edition? I’m in!” Since my first purchase I now have a total of 3 t-shirts with my fourth being shipped as we type. I’ll post another blog entry when my other shirt comes in…that one is pretty sweet with some Vegas influence printed right on it, pun intended. So what is teefury.com? It’s a pretty cool website that posts a different shirt every day with a countdown to it being “Tee today, Gone tomorrow”.  That makes these shirts limited. Each shirt is designed by a different artist which makes these shirts even more unique. Take a look at their gallery to see what you’ve missed out on already BUT they do a great job with bringing out shirts that have some pretty sweet designs.

If you wanna jump on the wagon let me make one recommendation. These shirts run big so if you’re normally a Medium, buy a Small. If you’re normally a Large, buy a Medium. Basically if you border sizes go with the smaller size.

Alright y’all, get your Tee on.



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