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So it seems a lot of people don’t follow tech news as you would think. Or maybe they just have better things to do with their lives than go searching for the latest news in social media. The whole world and their momma, literally, are registered users on facebook. Even after the announcement came about timelines users overlooked the other announcement made by facebook last year. Partnership with Spotify. Now, what exactly is Spotify and why has it not been widely accepted and hyped like say Instagram? That’s because facebook doesn’t mandate you to know what Spotify is and with services like Pandora to stream music on demand why would they try something foreign? I’ll give you a something to think about. Apple wants to buy or is going to buy or has shown interested in taking over Spotify because overseas this digital stream service is killing the competition! What does Spotify do? It not only allows you to search thru a library of over 15 million songs for free, it allows you to upload YOUR personal library to their servers so you can listen to YOUR music whenever you please. You don’t even have to be online or say, you don’t need to be connected. Offline you can still play ALL your music that you have uploaded to Spotify. Are you seeing it? It’s iTunes and Pandora put together. You get to stream music on the fly and you get to play your own music as well. PLUS, it’s integrated with facebook so you get to show off, because you know you swear to the moon you have amazing taste in music, you show off you, lol.

Now what do I like about Spotify? That you, the fan, the listener, the supporter, the hater, the Wonderer, the curious, the interested, get to listen to my whole Mad World album without having to make a single purchase! No need for a 30 second snippet, you get to listen to the WHOLE album for free! Over and over and over again with the PLUS side of the fact that you can, without having to do a thing, share what you are listening to on facebook thru the LIVE ticker that seems to always provide wonderful insight on what our friends are up to.

With that said, go download Spotify if you don’t have it already and enjoy “Mad World” at its fullest and share the music with those you vibe with, you show off you. Oh yeah, let me show you a screen shot of the player while I’m at it.

Stream Mad World by Asael on Spotify for free!



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