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The beginning of February, amongst other things.

2011 Chinese New Year Spring Festival.


Today is Chinese New Year and yesterday was Groundhog Day, which gave us the good news that “Spring will be coming early” this year. If I didn’t work in the hospitality industry I would have probably overlooked both celebrations. I say probably because as of the fourth quarter of last year my calender has kept me well informed with what’s to come, and I’m diggin’ that. 😉

Man, one thing to not overlook is how quickly time is passing us. At least on my watch it’s going at full speed with no let up. Since last I wrote a blog entry, if I can sum it all up, my brother put out his mixtape series that consisted of old material to new material. He did a great job putting it all together and knocking song after song out of each recording session. I helped with the putting together the covers to each mixtape and informing my fans and listeners that “Hey, it’s Johnny Rock It time”!  Awesome material if you ask me and those who discovered it.

My blog changed from www.asaeledition.com to www.gonzalezbros.com to bring in my brother’s audience and to let everyone know that this is a joint venture and not just a one man show. I still own asaeledition.com and if you were to search for it it’ll forward you to gonzalezbros.com so no biggie. In the long run I plan on having it be it’s on url again, but for now bringing awareness to The Gonzalez Bros. brand is the right move.

The Winter holidays have long past us and become distant memories. Mine were spent balancing family time with my work schedule and overall, it went well. The New Year has come and gone and I’m wondering how many people made a resolution that they haven’t forgotten like they’ve forgotten their holiday spirit? I don’t make resolutions if you were wondering yourself about that. I believe ongoing goals throughout the year are more than enough to out-due a simple resolution on any given day.

I bought myself some new running shoes last month and I’ve put in about 24 miles on those puppies to date. Tomorrow will be day seven in my new running shoes and I’ll continue to keep record on each day that I jog. Too bad I wasn’t motivated to keep a log with my old running shoes…those stats would have been NICE! Haha. Nonetheless, on with the new and out with the old, baby.

I watched the movie “Tron: Legacy” which by all and every standard was and is an AWESOME movie. The soundtrack was amazing and the pacing throughout the movie was near flawless. I owed it to myself to sit the the original “Tron” that came out back in 1982. Trust me, it was torture at it’s simplest form to watch the old “Tron” movie but well-worth the time put in when I watched “Tron: Legacy”. If someone went to watch “Tron: Legacy” without watching the original they’re missing out on, well, EVERYTHING. The character and storyline development through the first is was what gave you a personal connection with the first. Not to mention that the main character was my age and the story tied in a father and son relationship. Double Cool.

Music-wise I wanted to point out Diddy’s latest album “Last Train to Paris”. Yes, he’s now known as Diddy Dirty Money as he’s now a “group”? Any way, Mr. Sean “Puffy” Combs put together a great listen. There’s just something about Bad Boy that will always be Bad Boy music. The album comes packed with a great sound that doesn’t necessarily sound like everything else but is on par with what people want to listen to. I’ll even go as far as saying the P.Diddy makes other artist sound better than their usual form; “Last Train to Paris” offers some great artist features. “Yesterday” featuring Chris Brown is the track I most enjoy from the album.

Oh, and let me not forget to mention that Limited Edition Records has surpassed 60K downloads worldwide. You read right, Asael & Johnny Rock It a.k.a. the Gonzalez Bros., Co-CEOs of Limited Edition Records are doing mighty well in the downloads department. More news and a “Screen Image” on that later.

I wish I didn’t have to cram all this information into one blog but , hey, that’s just how things go sometimes. An update/blog every Monday? That can be arranged.

Happy Groundhog Day, 2011.


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