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The beginning of June, amongst other things.

Today is the first of June, 2010 and my birthday is only 19 days away. Every year around this time I get to thinking and looking back at another year gone by. I try to compare myself to the younger me and try to remember where I was, what I had done, and accomplished a year a go and so on. How have my ideals changed over the years? Am I in better health or worse of today than I was years ago? Am I more in balance with myself? What lessons have I learned and still practice today?

As I grow older I find that life can start to become more complicated. It seems that certain thoughts become more relevant than others and expectations change. Or so, the rest of the world makes you think that this is true.

A passion to understand has turned into a chore to be understood. A desire for change has turned into a determination to keep everything the same. One can value what they have accomplished over the years or continue seeking for a fulfillment that may never come. One can sit down and relapse or sit down and reorganize their personal planner and look forward to their next objective.

Enough of the poetry, let me lighten up the mood and say that I feel good. 🙂 Better now than I felt back then, and I can pick up a day from the past top hat and say “I out did my then self”. I can take in a deep breathe in and say my lungs feel amazing. I can pick up a basketball and say I just ran a full court game. I can pick up a pen and say I just finished writing another great song. I can, I will, and I have.

Everyone has a birthday, whether they care to celebrate it or not. Whether they believe it to be a great blessing to be able to come to and pass the day each year. Everyone has a moment. Whether they neglect to acknowledge it or take it in for what it truly is, an opportunity. Everyone has a purpose.

June has always been my month and Fall my season. The outside world and everyone in it knows me as Asael. My family knows me simply as Jun. When I hear someone refer to me as Junior I can’t help but find a sincerity in it and feel at home.

Today is the beginning of June, amongst other things.

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