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The beginning of November, amongst other things.

I would have written this blog entry earlier today, or should I say, last night. Nothing goes as planned though, and if you say that it does, you strive for destruction. I feel today, on this day, at this very moment, is a perfect time to write this entry. Five months ago I wrote a blog that was entitled “The beginning of June, amongst other things. I shared that June is my month and Fall is my season, this entry will do more than just complement my statement..it will carry out my vision.

I just got home from hanging out with two of my buddies. A good friend of mine from Chicago and a new addition from L.A. Both great people and I’m thankful to know them both. Since I am a forever student of Life I enjoy the company of people who share their experiences and respect my own. I enjoy hearing of one’s past, present, and future as it helps me continue down my path of existence.

I love Autumn, to most it is a season of wither but to me it is a season of cleansing. Fall is never looking down, to me, but looking forward to all the things I can accomplish..and will.

I recently purchased a calender, I feel that I always do my best work when I can make note and keep track of my progress as days go by. Now, all that is left is for me to bring my watch back to life. I’ve yet to give it a new battery, though I think about it every day. All I need to do now is bring out my watch from a box I have hidden away in my closet and give it a home on my left-hand wrist.

Many people don’t know but I was born left-handed. I was born left-handed and I began practicing my writing and broadening my mind at a very early age..early enough to remember but too early to recall. I’d have to say I was between the ages of 2 thru 4 years old. It was my father that looked over my progress and took it upon himself to have me write right-handed. Til this day I am ambidextrous but it’s better suited to say I am mixed-handedness. I’ll be back after the break…

Hello everyone, this is a continuation from where I left off the night before. Funny how things happen right? I was in the middle of writing my blog and then my brother and I got to talking. Eventually a quick chat turned into us hanging out until the Sun came and tapped us out. Right now I’m in the middle of watching “The Karate Kid” starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. “The Kung Fu Dream” is a better title for it, as it’s known in China. You see, this movie was filmed in China, about Kung Fu, which is a martial art from China, not about Karate which is a martial art from Japan, as the original “Karate Kid” film was based on. Nonetheless I understand the intention of revamping a great franchise I grew up with. Plus this movie’s awesome. Too good to miss so I’m going to end this blog entry here and welcome you all back for the next one.

Keep fighting,

The Kung Fu Dream - Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith


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