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The beginning of November, amongst other things.

I never like to leave things dormant. Yup, that’s my opening line after almost 4 months since I last posted something on my blog. Ironic, I know. I can’t say I haven’t had time (there’s always time). I can’t say I’ve been too busy (I’m always busy…thought I was going to say never busy, huh?). What it comes down to is my incapability to stop caring. I tend to over-analyze the simplest things. Alright, now that I have that out of the way, on to the good stuff.

It’s 18 past 5 in the morning and you may ask “What are you doing up at this time?” and I’ll answer “I made the mistake in thinking laundry washed and dried quicker”. Found a little humor in that? I’m glad you did. I hit the gym sometime past midnight and figured after I got out the shower that laundry duty could be sneaked in before I called it a night. I was going to use the word “snuck”, comes out that we Americans are bad-ass and we just made up that word all together. I use the low cycle when I dry my clothes and that’s probably where the length of completion increased. Do you know why clothes shrink? Lack of patience, that’s why.

It’s getting late/early and the sun is about to make an uninvited visit through my bedroom windows soon so I’ll continue this post later on today. I might even let you know how my laundry turned out.

Continued on the 3rd of November —-

Alright, it’s 21 past 4 in the morning and even though I felt I would have time to continue my post from last night, I’m drained. Quick summary, I spent the majority of my time, after I got home from work, up in our recording studio organizing our setup. I feel super stoked and super accomplished. More on everything come tomorrow, that is…if I can manage my time more efficiently for blogging.

Continued on the 4th of November —-

Look at me, finally able to get a better jump start on blogging unlike the last couple of days. It’s 26 past 1 in the morning and I just finished getting in a few rounds playing “Sonic Generations” on my PS3. Currently, Sega is running a fun contest where if you can finish the “Green Hill” level as Modern Sonic in less than 1:50 minutes you qualify in being able to submit your video and earn a cool prize (wow that was a lengthy explanation). My current-best score is 2:18 minutes, it’s going to take some practice and I might get there!

Laundry went well, thank you, I know you were thinking about asking.

Alright, so where have I been the last several months you might ask? My brother and I moved into our new spot back in mid-August, so that can explain my hiatus on blogging. We spent the majority of the last couple of months getting settled in and making our place look and feel like home. It’s been fun. Moving everything in on our own? Not so much fun, but damn does one feel awesome afterwards. Two straight men hitting up Target? Yeah, the ladies can’t get enough of us.

What else have I been up to? Well, before the the move I was finding it a bit difficult to hit the gym as often as I would have liked to. Travel-wise it was just too long of a trip to be taking. What have I been up to since we moved in? Hitting the gym as often as I please and making great use of it…travel-wise it just makes perfect sense. I’ve also enjoyed jogging the route around the neighborhood, you just can’t beat outside jogging let me tell you (I just told you). What else have I been up to? Well, for as long as my last mixtape “Black Friday” has been out I’ve been planning the release of my next project “Mad World”. I call it a project because it’s bigger than just a “mixtape” this baby is an independently released album. Everything in it, from the front cover to the back cover, from the credits to the “Thank you’s”, from the first track to the last track, the first sound to the last vocal, it’s all us. Who is “us” you might ask? My answer would simply be “Do you see what website you’re reading this blog entry is called?” This is us. I’ll go as far as saying I wouldn’t get a tattoo on me but if I was someone else *pauses for effect* I would tattoo Gonzalez Bros. on my forehead. Yeah, it’s that Kat Williams serious.

Asael and Johnny are the Gonzalez Brothers, how cool is that? Asael and Johnny Rock It are Limited Edition Records, how bad-ass is that? Very bad-ass.

Now, with my brother’s suggestion, we set October 31st to be the release date of “Mad World”. For the past month and a half or so we busted tail to meet our deadline and release “Mad World” as a complete product. I wrote lyric after lyric, verse after verse. We cleaned up and mixed tracks. Johnny Rock It produced new material and we created new songs…we almost met our deadline. I tried to setup a photo shoot to go along with the release, I informed the people that “Mad World” was coming…we almost met our deadline. Then, a week before the release, with no photo shoot under our belt, we were like “I think it’s best to push back the release of Mad World”. While having a bite to eat, after picking up gear “outfit(s)” because we were just going to do the shoot ourselves…it was the right call.

I’ve waited a very long time for “Mad World” to release…2 years to be exact. The people have only been waiting 2 months. Sadly, that’s just how current and uncommon one can be. Technology and everything it delivers moves faster than reason.

I’d say “Mad World” is 80% complete, and I’m so enthusiastic about its completion. When I write/create/record music I zone out, it’s a common trait that all great artists possess. I take my time when I make music and that’s probably where the length of completion increased. Do you know what fucked up the music industry? Lack of patience, that’s what. See what I just did there?

I’ll publish this post close to mid-day, when the sun is up and the World is busy complaining about Life. It’s now 25 minutes after 2 in the morning.

Living in a Mad World,

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