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The middle of June, amongst other things.

Limited Edition entry, The middle of June, amongst other things.


Originally written on June 15th, 2011. Super busy that I didn’t get to post it until today, June 18th, 2011. Enjoy.


Today’s my sister’s birthday, happy birthday! Which means that mine comes up in 5 days. Which means the first official day of Summer is only 6 days away (21st of June). Looking back at the last 6 months I’m like “Wow, time sure doesn’t no how to slow down now does it?” Still, staying in the positive is always the way one should look at life. Depending on how you, yourself, look at things that can be quite easy or rather difficult. Either way, you should continue being positive or practice it so it starts being a good habit of yours.

On that note, my brother and I are currently fixing the Powerhouse which is our PC. Damn thing went limp on us and since last week we’ve taken it apart and started to work on it. Part by part it has come down to the motherboard and if all goes well, it should be up and running in the next couple of days. We had that baby custom built and the cool thing about taken it apart and putting it back together is just that, KNOWING how to put a PC together! It’s funny yet holds truth, my brother said “PCs are to our generation what automobiles were to our dad and grandpa’s generations.” You’d be surprised how knowledgeable one can become when you take things apart and have to put them back together again. When you learn what goes where, names of parts and what their purpose are start to click…just like car parts were to yesteryear. So next time an elder of yours pokes fun at your lack of mechanical-automobile skills, laugh it off and break it down for them PC-style.

Last week E3 had all the major companies like Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and major publishers showing off all their latest goods. I thought it was pretty lame and the only thing I was looking forward to was the announcement of Nintendo’s latest console. The unveiling of the Wii U was sweet joy, it really was. There’s just something about the way Nintendo does it that brings excitement to the table. No matter how one looks at it, people want Nintendo to succeed even if they assume it’s going to fail. I’m a fan of Sony and Microsoft will always be the “me too” of the bunch but nothing beats innovation. That’s why Nintendo and Apple have their dedicated followers and as long as they continue to impress and deliver, the consumer base will keep growing.

Now on to a life lesson. When you “have it all” (however you take that phrase) you tend to stop pedaling and you kick your feet up while riding on cruise. You forget the hard work you put in to get to the position your at in life. You start to create problems of your own to have something to worry about. When you were grinding and focusing on achieving whatever goal you set for yourself..there was no “creating” problems. No, you were too busy focusing on avoiding problems. Too busy making every minute of your day count. Rather than sitting on the couch complaining that your back hurts you used the couch for power naps while you took a break from kicking ass. You have it all and then *snap* just like that, you have a freak accident. You slip, bust your head on the pavement, and knock yourself unconscious. You try to evade an accident on the freeway but you can’t and it sends your car swerving all over the place. What happens after that? Shock, silence, and then you wake up. You snap out of whatever daze you were in while “having it all” and you go back to square one, appreciation.I wish everyone the best and if you caught yourself acting a mess come back to reality, you’ve been sitting on time out long enough.


Much love,
Asael – Limited Edition

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