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It’s minutes past midnight on a Tuesday morning. I haven’t posted a personal blog entry since I started up my page a couple of months ago. The family has been busy with moving residencies the past couple of weeks. I was the first one to spend the night and house-sit while we began the move. Now we’re all here, dogs included (:

It’s been a slow but steady transition, once the cable and the internet were transferred over, we were all good to go. Things are in the beginning stages, seems everyone is still adjusting. My assumption is that it’ll feel like home once there is nothing more to move and we have our official house warming party.

Days have been short and long, all in one. More busy with my thoughts and helping getting the house in order rather than busy getting my thoughts out and creating music. I’ve tried…process almost feels uncomfortable, like trying to write music is a bother. My mind is else where with the interruptions but I feel soon I’ll be back on track.

I’ve yet to take my first jog around the new neighborhood but I’ll make it a point to do so now since I’ve brought it up. Jogging an open trail has always done good in relaxing the mind and helping with my focus. I look forward to my next blog entry, I hope to feel more balanced by then.

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