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To Bleach or not to Bleach? Incarnate is in question.

I came across a handful of articles when I was browsing through the Comic World. Yes Superman sold for a million dollars and Batman sold for a few dollars over a million. Both comic books were rated a solid 8.0, wow. Still, what seemed to catch my attention more so than those two classic landmarks was the case including the plagiarism of a certain celebrity son turned comic book artist/writer, Nick Simmons. Stir of his straight tracing of the much followed manga comic book “Bleach” and “Hellsing” has been going on for some time now. What seems to be taking this story to the next level of craze is the statement he gave on Monday. Apparently he denies being a copy cat and simply states that he was paying homage to the manga series that have inspired him. Well, the rest of the world seems to think he just flat out “copied and pasted” from “Bleach” and “Hellsing” and called it his own. From the images I’ve seen, I have to side with the rest of the world.

It’s sad because apparently the guy can draw, it’s not like just anyone can wake up one day and say they are an artist. It takes talent and practice to be able to replicate imagery. It takes more than just talent and practice to create an idea all your own and a world full of characters that YOU have created. That said, it looks like Nick Simmons was just a fan boy, like many artists, who have the skill in drawing their favorite comic book heroes but not the skill to create their own. At least his publisher Radical Publishing has taken the necessary precautions in halting further production of “Incarnate”. I’ll continue following this story to see what becomes of it.

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