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Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Gameplay first look.

Hideo Kojima just showed off this awesome in-game footage for “Metal Gear Solid: Groud Zeroes”, which is a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5. How freakin’ awesome does it look? And how freakin’ awesome is all this Metal Gearness?

This footage is crisp and if it came out for the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo and Konami would be back with a favorable bang. For me, having the PS3 and Xbox 360 continue adding new coats of paint to aging systems is insulting. Both systems were pushed to their limits only to show well…their limitations. If Sony and Microsoft dropped out of the console race all together for the next-gen I wouldn’t miss either one. Nintendo has the potential of recreating what playing video games was about back with the NES and Super NES. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Metal Gear fan,

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes


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