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Playstation Ad for God of War III: “My Boyfriend is Ignoring Me”.

March 16th, 2010…will mark a day many gamers will remember for years to come. It’ll mark an important date for Sony and Playstation as it can very well be the beginning of Playstation Domination. A lot of eager fans, critics, and developers have been keeping a close eye on the release of God of War III. I’m definitely excited and can’t wait to get my copy of the game. I pre-ordered the GOW3 Ultimate Edition , which is sold out completely at every online retailer you can find, except the one I have linked. Act now and you can still snatch yourself one before it’s too late. What are your thoughts of what God of War III will be for the PS3? Will this be the shift the Playstation 3 has been waiting for? Will people finally be convinced that the PS3 is the must have console of this generation? If the ad for this game has any say in it, you damn right it will. It even has the ladies talking 😉 The ad is pure genius, love it!

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