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Playstation Move, Sony’s motion controller Press Conf. Video

At GDC 2010 Sony had their Press Conference. They officially announced the Playstation Move. That means throw the “Arc” title out the window already. That’s right, Sony Playstation’s upcoming motion-controller is called “Move”. They even announced it’s “sub-controller” which basically stands in for what we all know as the “nunchuk”for the Wii. A page ripped right out of the ol’ Nintendo Wii play book? You betcha it is. Will we start to see downgraded games show up on the PS3? If a launch title known as “Sports Champions” has any say in it, you bet we are. Still…Quantic Dream, developers of this amazing game known simply as “Heavy Rain”confirmed that indeed the game was made to support the PS3’s motion-controller. So there’s definitely a great chance that we’ll see some amazing games next to plenty of casuals. Nonetheless, fun is fun and motion-control gaming is pure interactive fun. Checkout the lengthy video of Sony’s Press Conference to see what I mean :).

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