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Super Street Fighter IV, Off to California for the weekend.

Who here is excited about Capcom’s upcoming sequel to their much followed Street Fighter franchise? Down below is a video of the additional characters added to the much anticipated release of “Super Street Fighter IV”. The more playable characters the more fun a fighting game becomes, simple as that. We get to enjoy more story lines, more “movie endings” and extended playing time. I hear that Online Match-Ups are getting a nice update from last years “Street Fighter IV’s” online playability:  Better targeted match-ups.

I’m off to California for the weekend, leaving this afternoon. I’ll be back in Vegas either Sunday night or sometime on Monday. It all depends on how long I feel like staying out there, LOL. Ever went out of town and you intended to stay out there for a week only to feel like you’re ready to come back home after a couple of days? Still, I’ll be enjoying myself in Cali this weekend…beach, beach, beach my friends. When I get back I’ll be ready to post more links to my final two mixtapes. More news on that when I return.

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  1. Every1 in the universe should respect the powa of Street Fighter, it’s definitely the number 1 gameof all time! I’mhappyto find it here and knowing other peeps loving the world warriors.game series HADOUKEN!

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