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Reminder, talk to Calender Man in Batman Arkham City today.

Talk to Calender Man in Batman Arkham City


Happy 4th of July!!! If you’re still playing the video game Batman Arkham City since its release in October of 2011..you’re crazy.  Don’t feel too bad though because the makers are the ones who are completely insane. Why? Because they’ve included a mission in which they want you to talk to Calender Man on just about every known holiday, in real time, to unlock an achievement. The games cool and you can complete the story mode without doing any of the side missions but still…it makes you feel slightly cheated if you ignore this tedious Calender Man mission.

Courtesy of Kotaku.com, here’s a quick excerpt of all holidays that have past and how you can cheat your way to an achievement. Have a great 4th of July and enjoy some fireworks! Here in Las Vegas the sky is gloomy, air is humid, and certain parts of the valley have been blessed with rain. I’ll more than likely be spending my holiday indoors which is all good with me. Enjoy!

Today is Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas New Year’s Day Valentine’s Day St. Patrick’s Day April Fools’ Day Mother’s Father’s Day The 4th of July. So if you’re playing Batman: Arkham City and you don’t believe in cheating by changing your system’s internal clock, go talk to the Calendar Man today.

He’s in the basement of the courthouse near the top of the map (the courthouse where you first encounter Two-Face and Catwoman). Use the back entrance and head downstairs. He has something to tell you.

He’ll want to chat again on Thanksgiving, November 24.
He”ll want to chat again on Christmas, December 25.
He”ll want to chat again on New Year’s Day, January 1.
He”ll want to chat again on Valentine’s Day, February 14.
He’ll want to chat again on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.
He’ll want to chat again on April Fool’s Day, April 1.
He’ll want to chat again on Mother’s Day, May 13.
He’ll want to chat again on Father’s Day, June 17.
He’ll want to chat again on Independence Day, July 4.
He’ll want to chat again on The Feast Day of St. Roch, August 16. Because, well, August kind of sucks in terms of holidays.


Developers need to stop making so many damn games,

P.S. We just don’t have the time to play them all.



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