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Twisted Metal, Shoot My Truck courtesy of David Jaffe on Valentine’s Day Feb. 14th

Mastermind David Jaffe, the man behind “God of War” and “Twisted Metal” has something for you to pop your top off to, literally. Now, the youtube video is the censored version. You’ll have to visit the official website to get the uncut version @ shootmytruck.com. Nonetheless, this looks like a fun invitation that everyone should get in on.

Have you played the demo to “Twisted Metal”? If you’re a gamer, it’ll take you back in more than just nostalgia, it’ll wake you the fuck up and make you sharpen up, buddy! Why? Because the control system to this game is literally “A clown’s ice cream truck on wheels!” Meaning it’s pretty damn difficult to grasp these controls right at the beginning, you’re going to be forced to practice!

Yeah, not too many people are going to be up for the challenge, but I am. See you online, bitches!

ShootMyTruck Twisted Metal Valentine's Day




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