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Wii U sales skyrocket on Amazon UK after Xbox One reveal…really? What about after the Earthbound listing?

Wii U Bayonetta 2 Sega Platinum Games


I thought it was a good time to post on gonzalezbros.com when I read the headline over at nintendolife.com & mynintendonews.com that the Wii U sales on Amazon.co.uk have soared from listing #300+ to Top-50 ever since the reveal of the Xbox One. All I have to say is…it’s about effen time you fence huggers made a move. Took you long enough you fence huggers. Don’t want a trip back into time with the Xbox One DVR/VHS/Why-is-it-so-um-Why-did-they-do-that? It’s all good fence huggers. You’re move in bulk to buy a Wii U in UK by the heard will travel thru the internet news as quickly as your shameless butts got you to…well you never actually left your house but for some¬†unforeseen reason bought a Wii U nonetheless in the last 48hrs. A lot of you did. Will the U.S. follow in the trend and start snatching up Wii Us left and right? Not just yet. You see, Earthbound Wii U found itself listed on Amazon.co.uk as of recently and that could have caused the surge in Wii U purchases…makes more sense than the Xbox One causing the momentum. Still, if Earthbound Wii U finds itself listed on Amazon.com in the U.S. you better put your bet on it that U.S. consumers will be snatching up the Wii U with the quickness as well.

With E3 only a few weeks away, and with Nintendo partnering with Best Buy to let gamers play the newly announced yet still unreleased Triple-A games coming to the Wii U, we can really be coming up on a Momentum blast soon enough. But hey..maybe it was the Xbox One reveal that did it. Or maybe my random Bayonetta 2 image will have the world going crazy for a Wii U? Who knows, the world is so unpredictable like EA is so what do I know.

“Here we go!”



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