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50 Cent “Outlaw”

Outlaw by 50 cent latest 2011 release


A little vintage 50 Cent image to go with his latest 2011 offering “Outlaw”. I wouldn’t call this his first single off his untitled album. What I will call “Outlaw” is 50 Cent sounding like he’s going forward and not taking it back. Personally, some rappers shouldn’t waste their time doing mixtapes, and ironically, the man who made mixtapes hot should stick to studio LP grinding…it’s what he’s best at.

This song is nice and regardless of your “Hate him or Love him” attitude towards 50 Cent he will always have you listening, yeah regardless.

I hear a focus and seriousness in his delivery in “Outlaw” that has lacked in recent memory due to 50 cent not knowing who 50 Cent is. Mr. Curtis Jackson has been too busy being well, Curtis Jackson. Even when he was trying to “take it back” and out-due his first LP “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”, he was doing it as Curtis Jackson. See those tattoos in that photo? Yeah, those 50 Cent tattoos have been long gone and been replaced by a Curtis Jackson image.

I’m a big fan of 50 Cent and just like every other fan who has witnessed his career go from awesome to lackluster, I listen every time he releases an official track. Mixtape 50 Cent can be annoying and his music can either show signs of promise or flat out insult you. Studio 50 Cent only has one shot and can only sound one way and that’s Hot: crisp beats, sharp lyrics, clear delivery. Anything less is not 50 Cent but simply Curtis Jackson taking us back to a time none of us even know or can relate to.

Whether “Outlaw” is the official green light that Shady/Aftermath/Interscope (damn these chains! haha) is launching forward with marketing 50 Cent is yet to be seen. 50 Cent has a sore history with his label(s) that dates as far back as his second LP “Massacre” people! A lot of you just throw blame on 50 Cent like he’s solely to blame for his last albums not meeting expectations and definitely not exceeding them. There are A LOT of people behind the scenes that “should” exist to make sure an artist’s image remains sharp and continues to carry the “large than life” appeal. If they aren’t doing their job or if they simply have been laid-off from their jobs due to hard times (lame joke towards the record industry) then expect great artists to fall from grace and be seen as mortal.

Listen to “Outlaw” by 50 Cent below and enjoy. Follow 50 Cent on twitter @50cent.

“Outlaw” – Audio
50 Cent – Outlaw

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