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DMV, Day off, Prince and Purple Rain.

I guess I should start off by bringing it to everyone’s attention that I haven’t written a new blog entry in over a month. Don’t ask, but maybe I’ll share and tell as I get back into my blogging groove.

As the title of this posts states, today is my day off. The first time in a long time in which I went to bed early the night before and woke up well rested and early this morning. I had to make a stop to the DMV today to get my driving privileges reinstated, all went well, just have to make another stop at the DMV tomorrow to finalize everything. When you KNOW you’re going to be waiting quite sometime to get assisted in a place where there are hundreds of people, it’s best you come prepared. I brought along with me my Sony PSP and my Sony MP3 player. Both of which are awfully sexy.

So while everyone was just standing in the Information Line, I was jamming to The Dream’s latest album “Love King”. Which leads me into sharing with everyone that I’m listening to Prince’s album “Purple Rain”, as I write this blog entry, of which one of my favorite R&B artist Ginuwine covered “When Doves Cry” on his debut album “The Bachelor”. A freakin’ classic and one of my favorite albums of all-time. I’m not too fond with how Ginuwine’s career has gone missing in the last few years. I would really enjoy seeing him on top of of his game again with a great support team behind him. What happened there Timbo?

If you have fallen onto my blog site by sheer coincidence or accident, or just plain curiosity: I’m Asael. An all-around cool guy, who just so happens to be a recording artist. My brother Johnny Rock It and I have our own record label, Limited Edition, as well as our own Publishing. Together we are the Gonzalez Bros. Yes, just like the Super Mario Bros. people, sure awesomeness 😉

As long as I don’t go on another hiatus, you’ll soon grow familiar with who I am, what I do, and where you fit into this creative equation. Remember you all Rock major and from one person to another, let me just say, it’s time.

Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain cover.


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