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Download Mad World by Asael on Amazon.com!

“Mad World” by Asael and producer Johnny Rock It is available on Amazon.com! Ebay is to Pepsi what Amazon is to Coca-Cola. Everyone who has been on the internet in the last decade knows what ebay and amazon are. These websites offer just about everything you can think about it. Literally, think about it, type it into their search engine and bam! Purchase on instinct.

Now you can do the same with “Mad World”. You can sample each track, drop a review, purchase a song or two, or if you download the whole album you save, buddy! Get to it and enjoy the music.


You are now listening to a Mad World,




Download Mad World by AsaelĀ  and producer Johnny Rock It on iTunes Google Play and Amazon. The choice is yours!


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We are Music. We are Hip-Hop. We are Limited Edition Records.

Producer Johnny Rock It and rapper Asael bring you a Mad World


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