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In celebration of 3 years since “Black Friday” mixtape by Asael released.

Front Cover Black Friday mixtape by Asael


“Black Friday” is a mixtape I released 3 years ago to the day. The date? November 27th, 2009 on Black Friday. In celebration to the “Black Friday” mixtape release we’re making the full mixtape free for download to any and everyone for a week. This mixtape includes several remixes to popular Hip-Hop songs such as “Shining Down” by Lupe Fiasco, “Off That” by Jay-Z featuring Drake and Timbaland, “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys…just to name a few. Also included are original song compositions written and recorded by myself (Asael) over familiar song instrumentals as well.  As of recently, I’ve had a few people show interest in my music so I saw this as an excellent opportunity to present them “Black Friday”.




My brother Johnny Rock It mixed and mastered the project and helped assist in putting it out to the masses. 3 years later and “Black Friday” is still catching new ears. That’s what music is all about.

Enjoy the music as it’s free for download to any and everyone who wants a copy. Also, stay tuned at facebook.com/asaeledition and on this very site (gonzalezbros.com) for future releases to past mixtapes of mine as well as previously released mixtapes by Johnny Rock It.



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Black Friday mixtape by Asael


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Back cover Black Friday mixtape by Asael


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