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Rapper Johnny Rock It set to release mixtapes thru December.

Johnny Rock It (JRI) mixtapes Short Stories & Other Stories


Good evening everyone,

Earlier today ( I mean way way earlier this morning) I posted an update hinting on news coming. Now lately it’s been a lot of posting on other artist’s music that I felt you may enjoy listening to. See it as an interlude while you waited for some music to be released by The Gonzalez Bros., Asael and Johnny “J.A.G.” Rock It. Before that I tried to keep you all posted with the music I (Asael) had put out during the last year.

If you haven’t noticed or kept up, the one year anniversary has come and past for the release of my two mixtapes “Rebel of This Era” and “Black Friday”. The one year anniversary to the “Before the World Went Mad mixtape Trilogy” is coming next month.

Now on to today and what we here at Limited Edition Records have in store for you in the weeks, months to come. My brother Johnny Rock It (JRI) has been hard at work on his upcoming mixtape due to come out by the end of December. For the time being we have put together a collaboration of his earlier work that we will be releasing weekly. These mixtapes will be have sequential releases every Monday & Thursday with the first one releasing tomorrow on the 6th of December!

The mixtape by Johnny Rock It to release tomorrow (Monday Dec. 6th) is entitled “Short Stories & Other Stories Vol. 1 The J.A.G. Chronicles”. For now you can keep posted here on www.asaeledition.com for the latest news, download links, track listing, and cover art.

You can also stay up to date on my facebook Fan Page www.facebook.com/asaeledition. You can “Like” Johnny Rock It’s facebook Fan Page by clicking on “My Favorites” listed on my Fan Page. We’re still in the process of getting his fan page up and ready so show your support early and often!

A quick thank you to everyone who has shown their continued support. Now it’s time to expand that support to cover the likes of Limited Edition Records as a whole. More news about The J.A.G. Chronicles by Johnny Rock It and Asael coming soon!

Until Tomorrow,

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