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M.I.A. is back with Bad Girls (Official Video). Live fast, die young.


It’s been quite some time since M.I.A. came out to the mainstream with “Paper Planes”. Since then she has put out an eye opening short film with “Born Free”, fell back to handle some “mommy duties” before coming back at it with “Bad Girls” and a Super Bowl 46 halftime appearance. Some artists have a problem with not knowing how to “give it a break” when it comes to being the the public eye 24hrs. Maya, on the other hand, likes to keep it M.I.A.

For a quick little bonus, I added the video to my “Paper Planes remix” below. Has M.I.A. come full circle? Has she expanded? Like a football game coin toss “Call it in the air”. Enjoy.



Why are people so fascinated with a middle finger? I guess I should start using it more often myself. Bad girl indeed.

Bad Girl M.I.A. throws a middle finger to Super Bowl audience.



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