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“New Day” by 50 Cent featuring Alicia Keys & Dr. Dre

50 Cent featuring Dr. Dre Alicia Keys New Day



Does the world still tune in simultaneous in sequence when 50 Cent releases a new single? “New Day” isn’t that “new” if you do your homework. This song was originally released by Alicia Keys as a solo effort back in mid-June. Are they trying an Eminem “Stan” featuring Dido¬† type of collabo here? Only time will tell if it has that type of affect on the listeners and potential viewers once a music video is released. “New Day” definitely has potential in growing into something meaningful if they bring the message across thru the video.

Using some dialogue from “Bronx Tale” to open up “New Day” shows that they just may be looking into making a pretty down to earth video attempting to relate to the rest of America. The song alone doesn’t have the strength but it can with a video to follow. 50 Cent has released “The Lost Tapes” mixtape as well as “5 Murder by Numbers” throughout the whole Summer. Man it’s tough really. It’s like Nintendo releasing the Wii U, 3DS XL and a new GameBoy all in one Summer. Or Activision releasing 3 Call of Duty games one after the other within a 3 month span…it just gets overwhelmingly confusing for the consumer to decide and make a decision. I believe 50 Cent’s biggest weakness is his strength. He puts out way too much music at the same time that we as the listener can’t make a decision if we really like what he’s putting out. Too much content makes it almost feel like not enough quality when it can really be damn good to begin with. See what I’m saying?

Overall “New Day” is a good song and it shows potential that “Street King Immortal” can be a real-actual studio album released by Interscope and not feel like some independent release that no one cares to purchase but only download thru torrent.

More studio albums and less mixtapes Fif. You may have created the mixtape but the mixtape has sure fucked up the game, HOMEY.

Enjoy the cut, double time.

50 Cent-New Day (feat Alicia Keys & Dr Dre)


Just for kicks I’m sharing the Alicia Keys official lyric video to “New Day” which I thought looked pretty awesome. The song though? Not so awesome because, personally, Alicia Keys hasn’t sounded that great since she first came out. Could be due to the fact of lack of coaching. She just doesn’t enunciate in her music any more..it’s been like that for quite awhile, y’all.

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