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The Dream “Dope Bitch” featuring Pusha T video.

The-Dream “Dope Bitch” from IDJVID on Vimeo.

New music video from The Dream “Dope Bitch” featuring Pusha T is from The Dream’s upcoming album Love IV MMXII set to release on September 20th.

I’m a fan of The Dream and he never disappoints when coming out with music that sounds good and fresh. Quality in less quantity and focused releases are the key to putting out music that listeners can catch onto quick.

Every dude in the world who’s a dude longs for a dope bitch. The Dream uses images of drugs in his video to compare a woman to dope, for metaphorical purposes. A dope bitch is described as a cool woman that just “knows”. Which in turn makes her a perfect fit for a man who doesn’t need to explain himself. Yeah buddy.

Enjoy and leave your comments.

Lady Killer,

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The Dream Dope Bitch featuring Pusha T


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