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The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather Music Video

Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood


Right now I’m hanging out at the car dealership while the AC to my GTI gets repaired. When you have to wait for quite some time, you find stuff to do to pass the time. I figured “What better time than here and now to write a quick blog entry?” Shoot, I should be doing this more often so you all don’t go missing me so much as I know y’all do. Gonna keep it short since I’m typing this on my phone. Cool band, even cooler song. I want to share what I’m currently listening to.

First time I heard this song was months ago while listening to my Alternative station on SiriusXM. Satellite radio is like Thee place to h”ear it first” when it comes to just about anything, seriously. Now if I didn’t have to cancel it every time my promo expires it would be great.

Any who, enjoy.

The Neighbourhood “Sweater Weather”

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