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“Til I Go Sky High” by Asael featuring Johnny Rock It.

‘Til I Go Sky High by rapper Asael features Johnny Rock It on the hook. This chanting song is about going all out before the end comes. Fighting against time, as it’s the only thing that never stops.

Like Johnny Rock It tells it on the chorus “Til I go bye-bye I’m a sing a song to you,’til I go sky high I’m a sing to you”

“Til I Go Sky High” is from the mixtape BTWWM – Volume 3. Listen to it now below and like Asael says “If I ain’t got nothin’ but time, I’m a get my money, my money ’til I’m sky high”.

04 Asael – ‘Til I Go Sky High ft. Johnny Rock It

Before the World Went Mad - Vol. 3 by Asael

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