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“Years Gone By” mixtape by Johnny Rock It (Download Links)

"Years Gone By" by Hip-Hop artist Johnny Rock It front cover


“Years Gone By” by rapper Johnny Rock It is the fourth installment in the J.A.G. Chronicles mixtapes. Followed by the 5th and final mixtape “Back from the Past” due on the 20th of December. The J.A.G. Chronicles is a collection of previously unreleased material by Hip-Hop artist Johnny Rock It.

Johnny Rock It – Years Gone By – The J.A.G. Chronicles


1. Up In The Streets (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)
2. I Need You
3. Right On Key (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)
4. Can’t Get Enough (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)
5. Dedicated (To My Peeps) (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)
6. How We Begin To Grow
7. Skit (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)
8. Nobody ft. Demon
9. What We Came To Do
10. Cold Winter Night
11. Life Is Short
12. Won’t Give In
13. Oh I Guess (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)
14. Sleepy Mornings (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)
15. When Time Becomes Mine ft. Asael (Original) (Prod. by Johnny Rock It)

Rapper Johnny Rock It "Years Gone By" mixtape back cover


Listen to Johnny Rock It mixtapes here at gonzalezbros.com/johnnyrockitmixtapes

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