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All-Star Chipper Jones goes 5 for 5 in 10-3 win over Cubs.

I have to say that games like these don’t come around often for veteran players. After being informed that he had secured his 8th All-Star appearance, third baseman Chipper Jones goes off and hits 5 for 5 for only the third time in his career. I enjoy moments like these, I mean really, who doesn’t? A great player, who has been an Atlanta Brave his whole career, a feat in it’s own right..this one is for the books. 19 years with one organization, a future hall of famer, a great ballplayer whether it be defense or on either side of the plate. In his final season, going 5 for 5 shows that not everyone who continues playing after the “prime years” has lost their edge. WaytahGo, Chipper!

All Star Chipper Jones hits 5 for 5 against Cubs



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