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Ken Griffey, Jr. The Greatest Naturally Aspirated player of all-time.

Greatest Baseball Player of All-Time

In a sport like baseball, we’ve witnessed a lot of controversy over the past couple of decades. Some of the greatest ballplayers to put up home run numbers have tainted their own legacies. Ken Griffey, Jr. was not one of those players. While players like Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez, and Barry Bonds cheated their way into the record books, Ken Griffey Junior was plagued by injury.

As of recently, Ken Griffey, Jr. has made headlines once again, but not in his typical fashion. The best player throughout the ’90’s, better known as “The Kid”, used to make headlines with his Golden Glove defense, base running speed, .300+ batting average/40+ home run/100+ RBI seasons, and signature batting stance. This week, he made headlines because an anonymous source reported that Ken Griffey, Jr. was sleeping in the clubhouse during a game he was unavailable to pinch-hit in.

I grew up admiring Ken Griffey, Jr. as a player and as a person. In my eyes, he’s the best baseball player that ever lived. I grew up admiring the likes of Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, and Ken Griffey, Jr. Every season was Griffey’s season. Once he signed to play with the Cincinnati Reds is when his numbers started to slip. Nevertheless I routed for him every season. He could have easily taken the route that steroid-loving players had, but he didn’t. Griffey, now 40 years old, is a future Hall of Famer. Barry Bonds turned into a freak and had the best batting seasons of his LIFE past 40…imagine that?

When age starts to creep up on you and you’re afraid to admit it, people sometimes resort to desperate measures to keep their edge. Griffey, out of all the players that came out during the late ’80s and all of the ’90s had more of a reason to go down that route. He was the best player one had ever seen during his prime. He played the sport he grew up loving and it showed. Even through the toughest times of his career he kept on playing. He even returned back to the Seattle Mariners and he did it for the fans. Ken Griffey, Jr. may no longer have the speed, the glove, nor the bat he once had. Still, he is my favorite baseball player. Griffey is, and always will be, the greatest naturally aspirated player of all time.

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