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Microsoft Courier, better than the iPad…nothing like it.

Many people have been focusing on what Apple’s iPad will do to fill in their time when moving between one device to another. Steve Jobs has publicly bashed on Adobe’s Flash and Apple’s continuation not to support it through its “smart” devices. HTML5?  Indeed, it is the next markup language of the World Wide Web…still it’s years from being finished. An excuse that I’m simply not buying is Apple not using Flash because it is old and a CPU hog. True, HTML5 will greatly reduce the need for Adobe Flash all together but it’s not here yet. Apple has an amazing line through their iPods and computers. It’s their iPhone and iPad, their most recent entries, where they just don’t care to listen to the consumer at all. We want Flash capabilities and devices that offer everything and anything we thought it would. Instead, we get devices that lack ports and features that we are accustom to. Why sell a limited version of the iPad when there is a successor already announced to offer the additions that we AREN’T getting out the door with the first version? Apple is cocky and its customers are stupid. Like a rock star and his groupies.

Now on to the reason why I started this entry (: the Microsoft Courier. This device is a tablet developed on cloud 9. Referred to as booklet due to its double screens and hinge that holds them together. Very sexy. The Microsoft Courier will be running on Windows 7 and using a software called Smart Agenda to handle all its user needs. Seriously, this baby is NICE! Why has it been tightly under wraps? Because Microsoft isn’t horsing around with this one. Just like its Zune and Xbox, the development team behind the Courier is in-house. When will it come out? Surely something will be announced after the public’s reaction to Apple’s iPad and the HP Slate are received next month. Actual photos of the prototype can be found on www.gizmodo.com but down below you can watch the video to some of the sweet features the Microsoft Courier will be packed with.

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