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Nike + Fuelband. The next level up for fitness enthusiasts.

Last month (January) Nike had announced a new product set to release on February 22, 2012 known as the “Nike + Fuelband”. Little did we know that this item would have the world of fitness doing handstands and backflips (they must be warming up) waiting for its release. Nike.com has strategically scheduled a minimal amount of pre-order opportunities where the window closes just as fast as it opened. Making the Nike + Fuelband one of the most highly anticipated items of this New Year, with each pre-order selling out within 5 minutes of Nike.com taking orders online.

Haven’t done your research? Haven’t seen the commercial? No worries, I have you covered. Am I one of the fortunate ones to be receiving this awesome piece of Nike love come this Wednesday? You betcha, my brother and I got our pre-orders in last week and let me tell you, @NikeStore was lit up with raged not-so-lucky tweeters who missed out.

I’ll be looking forward to making every day count with my Nike + Fuelband and if you are too, add me as a friend on Nike.com. My user name is RebelJD.

Enjoy this awesome commercial below full of pure, you guessed it ( no you didn’t), FUEL!

Bruce Lee Nike + Fuelband commercial Make It Count


Why? Because being BADASS #Counts

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